Libertarianism: A personal definition

The phrase “conservative libertarian” might be confusing to you.  But the political spectrum is broad and varied.  I’m to the right of moderates but to the left some hardcore conservatives.

By and large, I believe we benefit best as a society when the government is as small  and as unobtrusive in our lives as possible.  I believe in limited government spending within revenues, a low (but flat) tax rate across all income brackets, and government restraint via the Constitution.  That way, we are largely free to live our lives as we see fit without interference or having to abide by a million nuanced rules.  That’s the libertarian side of me.

Conservatively, I believe government has a vested interest in endorsing and encouraging marriage and I have a personal opposition to same-sex marriage.  I am staunchly pro-life and I oppose direct abortion for all reasons.  But these two topics are, and will be, subjects of blog posts in the future.  I believe in government assistance and welfare programs as temporary stop-gaps that should be limited and carefully monitored, given only to those who absolutely need help on a short-term basis.  I also believe the best and most effective assistance for the poor comes voluntarily through charities — the first and foremost being the church, especially the Catholic Church.


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