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SCOTUS, DOMA and Prop 8

I won’t go into all the details of the rulings today.  I believe they are a nod to federalism; overturning DOMA but sending Prop 8 back to the state (unfortunately for the voters of California, the 9th Circuit Court overturned their will) but there are some questions.

Allahpundit at Hot Air asks a good one here.

According to my husband, there is a lot of doom and gloom in the Catholic/Christian blogosphere and concern (not entirely unjustified) about what this means for religious liberty in the United States.

This fight is not over.  The ruling did not explicitly create a right to gay marriage and it did not overturn laws prohibiting gay marriage in states where such laws are on the books (like Wisconsin).  If you look at the demographics of Prop 8 you’ll note that it got something like 52% of the vote in California and Obama carried that state with 61% of the vote.  These are not, contrary to what liberals tell you, votes passed by bigoted blue haired lily white octogenarians carrying Bibles and Rosary beads.  People who voted Democratic (and Obama won Wisconsin, too) in past elections voted for the traditional definition of marriage.

I do not believe it’s a lost cause.

But the first thing that should be done now is that Republicans in state legislatures across the country should pass clear and concise laws protecting freedom of speech, religious conscience and the First Amendment.  They should make it explicitly clear that no church, group, or individual will be forced to acknowledge or otherwise partake in a gay marriage — including florists, bakers, photographers, hall owners, etc.

Let’s send a very clear message: if you’ve the right to marry, we’ve the right to politely decline being forced to approve your union in any way, shape or form.  It’s called equal protection under the First Amendment.


Stupid editorial of the day

From the New York Times, a call to make companies pay blood money for gun violence.

Let’s also make anyone who manufactures anything that someone could use in a violent or life-threatening way pay blood money when their products harm or take a life.

You ever bother to read all of the warnings that come with, say, a new hair dryer?  You know, the ones that warn you not to try to dry your hair while in the shower or bathtub lest you be electrocuted?

Yeah, those all exist because somewhere, some idiot either tried to blow dry her hair in the shower and became a crispy critter or a group of lawyers and other bean counters got together and brainstormed a list of cover-your-ass product warnings to avoid a lawsuit.

I don’t know how to make this any more clear, but I’ll try again and I’ll use small words:

Guns and gun makers don’t cause gun violence.  Violent criminal thugs cause gun violence.

This is as asinine as calling for a “hurt feelings tax” on, say, entities like The New York Times when someone uses words that make someone else feel bad.  Or, of course, we could list the more obvious organizations that should be charged blood money for the harm their products cause:

  • Car manufacturers.  After all, more people die in car accidents than by mass shootings.
  • Food makers, restaurants, and farmers.  Their products are responsible for obesity and, therefore, early death.
  • Alcohol producers.  People drink and alcohol causes alcoholism and drunk driving and abuse.
  • Knife makers.  Knives kill people, too.  We cannot let Ginsu get away with these atrocities anymore.

Shall I continue?

Of course, the thing missing here is this:  our culture can never, ever, ever blame the shooter for violence.  It’s always the fault of the gun.  Or the movie.  Or the bullying.  Or whatever politically correct cause the media can blame it on.  It just happens to be guns right now because, since Sandy Hook, the left has been itching for gun control and has lost massively at the polls and in Congress.

You know what unemployed Americans need most?

More expensive electric bills.

From HotAir:

With gun-control momentarily off the table and amnesty headed for choppy waters in the House, it’s time to seize the day and get rolling on another top liberal priority that falls way, way down the list for everyone else in America of stuff the government should be worried about right now. Go take a look at Pew’s poll from January, flagged by Douthat himself, of America’s wishlist for policy action. What’s in the bottom five? What’s the absolute rock bottom?

That would be dealing with global warming sorry, global climate changethe title was altered when people stopped buying Al Gore’s “the planet’s got a fever and the only prescription is more Nanny state!” schtick a few years ago.  So, as the left is so apt to do, they changed the language to an all-encompassing, nebulous phrase that covers not only rising temperatures but cooling temperatures as well.  That way, whether the thermometer goes up or down, the left can yell “Climate change” and attempt to force more regulations on us.

Obama himself said in 2008 that his policies will make energy prices “skyrocket.”  And, with skyrocketing energy prices your utility bill will go up but other things will happen, too:

  • Energy production will be limited.  This will lead not only to expensive rates (see the laws of supply and demand), but to brown outs and the rationing of energy.  Especially during extreme cold and extreme hot weather.  Expect those brownouts in California to become the norm everywhere.  That’ll be fun in northern Wisconsin in the middle of January or Arizona about the end of July.
  • The prices of everything will also skyrocket.  It costs businesses money to run their stores, ship their products, manufacture their goods.  Increased energy prices means all of that gets more expensive and that cost will get passed along to the consumer.  On top of it, businesses that are teetering on the edge of financial ruin will either collapse or have to lay off many employees.
  • Consumer spending will stall.  See the point above.  When consumers have to spend more on the basic necessities — food, utilities — they will cut back in other areas.  When consumers lose their job because their employer can’t afford to pay them a salary and keep the lights on, they’ll lose not only their discretionary spending but the ability to pay  for the necessities as well.
  • The already struggling economy will stall and we will see another recession, if not an outright depression.  You can only do so much to screw up an economy before the shit hits the fan, so to speak, and Obama’s cap-and-trade plan just might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

And, of course, the cap-and-trade program will bring along something else that will assist in crippling the economy: another massive entitlement program.  Why, you ask?  Because Obama, and the left, know that skyrocketing energy costs mean there are a lot of people — both lower and middle income — who won’t be able to afford a 100% (or more) increase in their energy bills.

Like Obamacare and immigration, we’ll get politicians speaking passionately about how we have to help the poor make ends meet, how it isn’t fair that people have to choose between paying for groceries and keeping the lights on, how senior citizens and small children and cute puppies are freezing to death because of those greedy energy companies, etc.  The solution will, of course, be some sort of credit or program or subsidy that will help offset the cost of the expensive programs Democrats themselves forced on the people (something they won’t mention while they opine about helping the impoverished citizens).  This means more taxes, more regulation, more spending as the government hires staff to sign people up for the energy subsidies.  It’s a progressive statist’s dream, which is why Obama’s so eager to get it done now.