About ‘Cream City Conservative’

Cream City Conservative is written by a woman living in Southeast Wisconsin.  My opinions and commentary are my own.  I am Catholic and politically conservative/libertarian, firmly pro-life and interested in preserving and educating others about Catholicism and the U.S. Constitution.

This blog started in 2013 after years of occasional blogging at various sites.  I am married and have children who are the inspiration for everything I do.

Comments are welcome, as are tips and correspondence to creamcityconservative@yahoo.com.  This blog reserves the right to edit and/or delete comments and any e-mails sent may be published on the blog.  Editing and/or deletion of comments will only occur if comments are without substance (i.e. ad hominem attacks), extremely vulgar language or threats of violence, or if they’re wildly off-topic (and not by accident).  Names and e-mail addresses will not be published unless specifically requested (or if your e-mail is so categorically offensive and/or stupid public ridicule is the only possible recourse.  Hate mail gets published in entirety so think before you send!)


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