The question no one will ask Jim Carrey

Or, more accurately, the question Jim Carrey won’t answer.

Will he return all the money he made from films with violence, including his salary from ‘Kick-Ass 2’?

I don’t believe movie violence causes mass shootings any more than I believe cooking shows make people over-eaters or “Antiques Roadshow” makes people hoarders.  Violence in movies is, unless a documentary, fictional and if we’ve lost our ability as a culture to discern between real violence and fictional violence, then our problems are much, much deeper than Jim Carrey’s latest flick.

But, of course, blaming real-life violence on fictional movies reflects rather sadly on our culture’s shunning of personal responsibility and the blaming of “the other” for the bad choices one makes in one’s life.

Carrey is a staunch gun-control advocate, and a rather insulting one.  After the Sandy Hook School shooting in December, he tweeted many nasty things (that made no logical sense) about Second Amendment supporters (of which I’m one).  He’s got a right to be against guns but — especially without a consistent ethic — we have a right to challenge his views (which are in the minority, I believe) and to question his motives.


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