Paula Deen and politically incorrect ‘sin’

If you’ve paid attention to the news, especially entertainment/pop culture, you’ll know Paula Deen was unceremoniously dumped from the Food Network after she admitted to using the “n-word” in a deposition related to a pending lawsuit.

Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz has a list of 10 things you should know about this case and, as always, offers an interesting perspective.  Hillbuzz is one of the few places where you’ll get information about the story that you won’t likely hear elsewhere (like, for example, the fact Deen admitted to saying the “n-word” back in the 1980s after being robbed while working as a bank teller).  DuJan believes this is an orchestrated attack by progressives/liberals meant to draw attention to issues of racism on the eve of the George Zimmermann trial and points out that Paula Deen is a Democrat who voted for Obama both in 2008 and 2012.

While the Deen case is more complex than that brief summary (read Hillbuzz for the information), this is the lesson we should take from this (and something DuJan talks about):

Liberals will seize any opportunity to advance their cause, even if it means going after someone who supports them, like Paula Deen.  Additionally, liberals are merciless and unforgiving when it comes to a person (or persons) who they believe have violated their definition of morality (which is usually political correctness and, therefore, subject to change without notice).  They will also either punish you directly or, if that’s not possible, seek to punish you either by public shaming or putting pressure on your family and friends, employer(s) or groups with which you’re affiliated.

While Paula Deen is extremely financially well-off, it’s important to note they got her fired from the Food NetworkThis means any product lines she put her name on that come through the Food Network, in addition to her television show, are now done and those revenue sources cut off.  While my snarky side says, “Good!” (after all, her beloved Obama has himself said there comes a point when you’ve made enough money), this should send up alarm bells for anyone — liberal or conservative — who is less wealthy than Paula Deen.

She uttered a word with a long, offensive history (but one that’s regularly tossed around in rap music and Spike Lee movies)…30 years agoWhile I was just a baby then, if you’re in your 40s, 50s…think back to the 1980s.  Odds are you were in your teens or early twenties and did (and said) stupid things.  You are lucky that, in the 1980s, smart phones and the Internet were just a gleam in some tech geek’s eye.  Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone and nearly everyone with access to the Internet is on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.  You could say or do something — in a moment of poor judgment, or fueled by alcohol, or just out of idiocy — that ends up on the Internet.  Once something is on the Internet, it never goes away. It is archived, cached, screen capped.  It is out there forever.

Now imagine that someone with a vendetta against you — be it personal or political — decides to pull up that image or audio of you when you were 17 or 23 and use that against you.  It is completely rational and realistic to believe that if liberals can get Paula Deen fired from her high-profile gig at the Food Network (and you know there are hundreds of thousands of her fans who are upset about this) they can get you fired from your job.  They can punish you for politically incorrect thought — no matter how long ago it occurred — especially if they deem you an enemy today for whatever reason.  This is politically incorrect ‘sin’ and the left will make sure you pay dearly for it.  It is an effective way to bully people into behavior the left deems acceptable, a form of social engineering.

Does the Food Network have the right to set terms of employment?  Yes.  They do have an image they’re presenting — one that’s making lots of money for lots of people.  Several years ago, they fired Robert Irvine (“Dinner Impossible”) after it was revealed he lied on his resume.  Irvine, however, is back on the Food Network (in part due to fan outcry).  Has the Food Network made sure its other stars are devoid of any politically incorrect utterances in the past?  It’s a question DuJan asks and one that the Food Network should answer.


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