Girl Scouts face declining membership, financial woes

But the article doesn’t mention the problem until about two-thirds of the way down and, even then, only skirts the issue.

The Girl Scouts have, like the Boy Scouts are doing now, shunned the traditional roots and values on which they were founded in favor of whatever politically correct cause-du-jour the left happens to be harping about on any given day.  The Girl Scouts have embraced abortion, and have a decidedly feminist bent that I don’t remember from my days wearing the sash (at an event, speaker Marlo Thomas said she opposed marriage because she couldn’t “mate in captivity”).

Just like the Boy Scouts recent decision to allow openly gay scouts (but not openly gay leaders) has caused many to reconsider their membership, the same thing happened to the Girl Scouts to their fiscal detriment.  At the end of the day and despite Obama’s 2012 victory, we are still a center-right nation.

The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts — places where kids should be able to learn skills that come with camping and the social interaction of being with a diverse sampling of their peers — have been politicized.  This is because the left never, ever passes up an opportunity to indoctrinate people (especially young people) to their political ideologies.

But, the good news (at least for parents and kids) is that membership to the Boy and Girl Scouts is voluntary.  And when you wave the proverbial middle finger at parents who don’t want their kids politicized or exposed to abortion or gay issues, you can’t pretend to be surprised when those parents take their kids (and their money) elsewhere.

There is a fortune to be made for the enterprising person(s) who start organizations free of this political nonsense.  But — more than that — there is an opportunity to fight back against the liberal takeover of organizations.  They specifically take positions in organizations like the Scouts or political groups or even community groups and volunteer organizations with the purpose of passing and enforcing their agenda.

If they have no one they can force to comply with said agenda, and no one to pass it along to, they will lose their footholds.


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